Preventing Illnesses And Raising Intestinal Health

When we think of bacteria, we usually think of disease. This is not necessarily the case when it comes to intestinal bacteria.

As soon as our bodies starting taking in foods and liquids as very young babies, our intestines get "colonized" (populated), with bacteria. 85% of them are beneficial bacteria and 15% are unfavorable bacteria.

Beneficial bacteria live permanently in our gastrointestinal tract, on our skin and inside any mucosal area of our bodies (nose, vagina, mouth, etc.). In the gut, or intestine, these bacteria help maintain our chemical and physiologic balance, ward off dangerous bacteria in our bodies and protect us from other potentially dangerous pathogens (disease causing agents) like parasites which would otherwise invade our systems through the air we breathe, the food we consume and the water we drink.

It is important to know that your GI tract is the gateway between what is outside your body and the balance, called homeostasis needed inside your body; therefore, anything that keeps this balance is critical. The more beneficial bacteria in your GI tract the more likely your body can stave off infection and allergies by maintaining proper absorptive power of nutrients. When the number of potentially harmful bacteria are greater than the amount of beneficial bacteria our health is at risk.

With the aging process, antibiotics, antacids, medications, foods we eat, alcohol and chemicals we ingest, the good bacteria become depleted and eventually may even disappear. The result is an intestinal tract where good nutrients cannot be absorbed, allergies develop and our immune system can no longer fight the potential dangers the outside world poses.

In come the probiotics to help save the day!

Probiotics are dietary supplements which contain beneficial bacteria that our intestinal tract needs to maintain good absorption of nutrients, immune function, health and wellness.

They are scientifically proven to help your intestinal tract regain the proper balance of helpful bacteria.

Probiotics, once ingested begin to immediately "colonize" the intestines with beneficial bacteria, thus helping the body commence the recovery process from the state of perpetual malabsorption created by loss of proper bacterial balance. .

Treatment with antacids makes malabsorption worse and creates even more problems for our intestinal health.

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