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During our reproductive years, we are healthy. We stay healthy because the high levels of sex hormones we produce, protect us from illness.

Even though most young people are healthy, statistically speaking, and wellness is the rule, the system is not perfect. Identifying the imperfections in our hormone balance that occur during our youth opens the door for us to protect ourselves from aging as we get older.

Hormones do not protect us from ALL harm. Like a computer system, the human body does crash on occasion. The hormone balance gets thrown off even in the healthiest of people at the peak of their youth. When the hormone balance is off, we experience symptoms. Not every young woman will experience symptoms of hormone imbalance, but many women will at different times in their lives. Our ability to manage our own menopause, with its significant hormone deficiencies, requires an understanding of the concept that episodes of hormone imbalance occur regardless of age.

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