Progesterone Cream - Our Product

Advantages and Benefits

My exclusive Pro Formula Progesterone Cream is the same micronized progesterone I prescribe in my office only this formula is the highest dose available without a prescription.

The difference comes from the doses I use in the office which are usually 3-4 times stronger than the unit doses of the over the counter progesterone cream- 50 mg in my Progesterone Cream Formula versus 200 in the prescription unit doses. However, you can use 2- 4 unit doses of my formula daily and you will accomplish similar results.

Keep in mind that if all you need is progesterone due to mild to moderate symptoms of hormone imbalance, my Progesterone Cream Formula is a safe and useful start. Give it a try for 2-4 months. If you find significant improvement, stick with it. If you need more help, consider a phone consultation with one of our Doctors.

Mild Symptoms: 1 box

If you experience mild symptoms one box of my progesterone cream includes a 30 day supply of single unit dose applicators. Apply the cream of one unit dose applicator each evening as directed.

Moderate Symptoms: 2 boxes

If you have more moderate symptoms increase your dose to two unit dose applications. One in the morning and one in the evening as directed.

Severe Symptoms: 3 boxes

For more severe symptoms increase your dose to 3 times a day. Monitor your symptoms for one month and if they continue to persist consider speaking to one of our Doctors during a phone consultation to see if you are a candidate for a prescription strength dose.

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