Potential Issues with Old School Motorcycle Helmets

Whether you call them Vintage or Old School, these motorcycle helmets are making a comeback. If you are tempted to buy and older helmet for the look they provide, there are some things that you should consider before purchasing one.

The two big reasons why people wear motorcycle helmets are because they want the protection or because the state requires helmets. If you wear a motorcycle helmet for protection there are a number of reasons why an Old School helmet might not be your best choice.

First, you will probably be purchasing your Vintage lid off of a site like EBay. The seller has most likely cleaned and polished up the helmet which will make it difficult to see from the website pictures any dings or scratches.

If the integrity of the shell has been compromised from it being dropped it could decrease the ability for the helmet to protect you in the event of an accident. If you don't see the dings or small cracks once you get the helmet you might have a false sense of security. If you do see dings or small cracks and you are concerned with safety, you will be disappointed because you spent money on a motorcycle helmet that does not offer the protection you require.

Next, the affect of moisture over time can compromise the helmet's padding. Because of getting so many memorable miles when I rode with a helmet in Colorado (I wore it when it was cold or when I was riding on ice or snow), I could not throw away my helmet from the late 80's. When I feel the inside I can feel that the padding in some areas feels a little different, maybe even kind of crunchy. This is one thing that can happen as the padding absorbs sweat which can degrade the padding and subsequently lower the ability of the helmet to protect you in an accident.

Third for those who wear helmets for safety, with the advances in technology over the last few decades a new helmet offers better protection. Even if you are lucky enough to find a Vintage helmet that was never worn, the technology of helmets today is much better. Today the shell material, padding, and shape are better so new motorcycle helmets offer increased protection.

For those who wear a helmet primarily because the state requires riders to wear helmets, there is a big drawback with Vintage helmets. If you don't like to wear a helmet because they are uncomfortable then the Old School helmets are not for you because the padding is much harder. If the reason why you don't wear a helmet is because you don't like the look and comfort is not a concern, than maybe a Vintage helmet is right for you.

There are numerous variables and each rider puts different levels of importance on each, so the above issues are just things to consider when thinking of buying an Old School motorcycle helmet.

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