Motorcycle Boot Maintenance Tip

As you read the articles that I write you will figure out that I lived and rode in two different extremes weather wise; Colorado and Texas. Because of riding in the different weather conditions I recognize that there are some things that riders living in one climate swear by that a rider in another climate might not think as much about or even think about at all.

The first thing like this I think of is waterproofing your boots regularly. I know many people think that this is a no-brainer, but I am surprised living in Texas how many riders don't water proof their boots.

Unless you only ride in the desert you are going to frequently get caught in the rain. When you live in a cold weather state you wear boots more frequently because of the snow and you quickly recognize that water getting into your boots when it is cold is just not an option. In a warm weather state it is not as critical, but if your feet are dry it makes for a much more comfortable ride.

Whether you have just bought new boots or wear older boots, it doesn't take long to waterproof your boots. If you have older boots you can go to any boot store or even easier, go online and get a boot cleaner that most likely will have some conditioner. Having the boots clean is important before you waterproof them and the conditioner will help keep your boots from cracking. Follow the instructions and let the boots dry.

The waterproofing products you can also get at a boot store or online. The big thing here is to generously apply the product around the seams that connect the boot to the sole. This is the area that will most often be immersed in water, so applying the product multiple times, each time you are waterproofing your boots will help keep your feet dry.

Next, the seams that connect different portions of the boot are another area to liberally apply the product multiple times. Finally, the closer to the ground of an area of the boot, the more likely that area will be immersed in water or getting wet, so be thorough.

The more frequently you ride in wet weather, the more often you should waterproof your leather boots. In addition to keeping your feet dry, the less often your boots get soaked the longer they will last.

Again, I know, a lot of you are saying this is a no-brainer, but the next time you ride in the rain with people from a warm weather state just listen because one of them will complain about there feet being soaked.

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