Information and Effects

Red Winde Proanthocyanidins (Pycongenol)- 5mg

Also called OPCs and PCOs are a class of nutrients that belong to the bioflavonoid family. They are also called pycnogenol. Their main function is as antioxidants.

They stabilize the cell membranes, maintain protein (collagen and elastin) that are crucial in connective tissue, blood vessels and muscle. Studies have shown their ability to strengthen capillaries (smallest of blood vessels). They are routinely used to decrease edema after face lifts and help drain chronic venous problems. Another use is to improve vision after dark and after exposure to glare.

Where Can You Find Proanthocyanidins

Pine nuts (pignoli), grape seed, grape skin, bilberry, cranberry and black currant, green tea, black tea.


Because these substances are not classified as essential nutrients, deficiency is not defined.

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