Women's Jackets - Fashion vs. Functionality

Whether you are going out for the proverbial "night on town" or a ride on a motorcycle, looking good/a certain way is important. It is noteworthy to mention that the leather jacket that you might wear on a cool evening to go downtown is probably not the jacket that you want to wear when you are on a motorcycle.

Even though there are occasionally men wearing a jacket not designed to ride with, it is much more frequent that you see a women wearing a leather jacket that was not designed for being on a bike. I know that for some people this might sound politically incorrect, but just look around at the next motorcycle rally or event that you are at; it certainly seems to be an accurate statement.

The first issue is the thickness of the leather. If you shop for a quality women's motorcycle jacket the leather will be much thicker in a jacket for riding than the jacket for going out.

Second, you will also find that the type of leather is important as well. The soft feeling jackets (usually made of pig or lamb) do not allow you to slide on pavement as far before they fall apart and you are sliding on your skin. Cow hide is not as soft, but this type of leather provides much better protection. Both the thickness and the quality of the leather are important because your jacket is all you have between you and the road.

Next, is how the jackets are designed, fashion leather usually does not connect both sides of the jacket completely in front which means only part of the stomach and/or chest is protected. What secures the front of these leather jackets together is also much different; a fashion jacket uses buttons, a tie in front, or a weak zipper which increase the chances of the jacket opening under the stress of sliding on pavement.

A motorcycle jacket has a strong zipper that goes from the bottom to as a high as you zip it up which will keep your chest from being exposed to the pavement. It is not just about road rash on the chest, but when your jacket opens the jacket will slide up your back leaving your back exposed.

Finally, a fashion leather jacket is not designed for you to be able to sit with the jacket fastened from the bottom to the upper chest for long periods of time. Subsequently if you wear a fashion jacket on a longer ride it will be much less comfortable.

Today there are options so a lady can look good and at the same time be protected. If you are looking for a fashionable jacket that also provides the much needed function of protection, check out Leather Up's selection of top quality Women's Motorcycle Jackets that are sold at incredible prices.

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